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May 9–11

Guide to Kulchur

1386 W 65th St, Cleveland, OH

Calling all anarchists, earth liberationists, insurgents, troublemakers, Rustbelt radicals, street intellectuals and community autonomists!

The 1st Annual Cleveland Anarchist Bookfair will be held May 9–11 at Guide to Kulchur and will feature speakers from around the country, workshops, and of course music (this is Cleveland after all).   Publishers and distros will be on hand to provide you with all your favorite subversive literature.

For the anarchist and radical milieus here and around the US, recent history has held its fair share of heartbreak.  From escalating economic crisis, to the evacuation of our city streets, struggle surrounds us. From the increasing militarization of the police, to overt repression and entrapment, we find ourselves at an impasse. At the same time, however, a host of new possibilities becomes apparent. Born out of the crisis and tragedy of the economic collapse, we see the city now as an open question. Attempts among the real estate tycoons, development corporations and politicians, to return us to the conditions of the past is unconscionable.  Therefore, preventing a return to the conditions that gave rise to this crisis becomes imperative. In order to resist such a fate, we must create spaces where we can converge and construct the ability to fight once again.  In this light, this event exists to nurture such necessary resistance.

If you are interested in hosting a meet-up session, discussion, regional meet and greet or workshop email us at and we will find a time in the schedule for this to happen.  Tabling space is currently all booked, but if you would like to distribute a limited number of titles this may be able to be arranged.