Introduction to the Bookfair ~ tom nomad                                                                       Author of The Masters Tools – ”

B ~ from CrimethInc collective                                                     

Aragorn! ~  from Little Black Cart                                                       

Josh Eldridge ~ with the ALF Press Office

Keith Lamar/ Kunta Kenyatta ~ Prisoner Panel                                                

Beyond Self Care: The Subversive Potentials of Care ~ CrimethInc Collective

Introduction to Listening Projects ~ Beehive Collective


Beehive Collective: 

all-volunteer activist art-collective based in maine

Little Black Cart:

anti-political literature distro operation based in berkeley

Cleveland Books2Prisoners 

cleveland chapter of all-volunteer collective network based on supporting incarcerated individuals by fulfilling literature requests and opening correspondence opportunities

Political Prisoner Table

information on comrades incarcerated by the state and relevant support information

Institute Of The Study Of Insurgent Warfare

thinktank dedicated to insurgent tactical analysis

Prison Action News

biannual journal regarding prison resistance written mostly by prisoners

Animal Liberation Front Press Office

official response to the uncritical media portrayal of the animal liberation movement

CrimethInc Collective

decentralized (ex)worker anarchist collective

Guide to Kulchur

your lovely neighborhood bookstore and gracious host

PM Press

independent publisher specializing in radical marxist and anarchist literature

Red Bird Prison Abolition

columbus based group focused on dismantling an injust prison paradigm

Burning River Anarchist Collective: 

long-running Cleveland based anarcho-communist collective




Friday: Punk Night

Marine Corpse // Running Dog Labor Exchange // Jane Ire // Fertile The Drip

Saturday: Noise Night


Sunday: After Party

comradery and decompression